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Serving St. Louis County and St. Charles County

You depend on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to create comfortable indoor conditions in an instant. And you rely on your HVAC contractor to guarantee that happens. At Fresh Air Heating & Cooling, we take that responsibility seriously. When you hire us to install or service your HVAC system, rest assured we’ll do everything to achieve 100% satisfaction and leave you feeling happy.

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Air Conditioning Services

If you need a new air conditioner installation for your home, let our team help. Our AC installation technicians hold the latest certifications for excellence and safety. We undergo rigorous training and continuous education in today’s state-of-the-art cooling technologies. If you need an AC repair or maintenance service, we can also help with that job.

Ductless HVAC Services

Ductless air conditioning and heating systems have several applications. These versatile and energy-efficient HVAC solutions are popular among homeowners in our service area. If you’d like to schedule a ductless HVAC installation or need your current system serviced, rest assured Fresh Air Heating & Cooling can handle the job.

Furnace Services

Home heating is vital during the chilly winter months. Whether you use a furnace, a heat pump or a combination of both to heat your home, you must ensure your heaters work effectively and efficiently. Fresh Air Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 heating repair service, arriving on time and respecting your schedule. We also perform furnace installations.

Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps offer higher energy efficiency ratings than furnaces and can also cool your home during the warmer months of the year. Fresh Air Heating & Cooling can help you assess whether a heat pump is the right fit for your property and install it correctly. If your current heat pump needs repair or maintenance, we can also assist with that service.

HVAC Maintenance Services

Maintaining your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is imperative if you want them to operate efficiently and for a long time. Fresh Air Heating & Cooling offers all the preventive maintenance services you need to preserve your air conditioners, heaters and other HVAC equipment. We’ll help you maximize efficiency and lower energy bills.

Indoor Air Quality Services

The average person spends about 90 percent of their time indoors. Can you imagine what he or she is inhaling and how that’s impacting their health? Fresh Air Heating & Cooling provides all the indoor air quality solutions you need to enjoy clean and fresh air inside your home, including air filtration, purification, humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Smart Thermostats

The latest programmable and smart thermostats help homeowners customize their indoor climate control via an app on their smartphone. Maximizing energy efficiency and indoor comfort is as easy as a few swipes. Fresh Air Heating & Cooling carries and installs the most advanced programmable and smart thermostats available for residential use.

Commercial HVAC Services

Do you own or operate a business? Among the many things you have to think about in your day-to-day operations, your HVAC system is one of the most important. That’s because it works to keep your employees and customers comfortable. Fresh Air Heating & Cooling specializes in commercial HVAC installations, repairs and maintenance.

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