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Why You Should Heat Your Home with a Heat Pump

AC-techWhen it comes to HVAC services in O’Fallon, MO, there is only one company to call—us! When it comes to a new HVAC installation in O’Fallon, or anywhere else, there are a whole lot more options to consider, though. One type of system that we often recommend homeowners at least consider installing in their homes is the heat pump. Heat pumps have a very unique method of heating homes that can benefit homeowners enormously.

As great as these systems may be, there is still one factor to consider. That’s the fact that even the best HVAC systems on the market are not going to impress unless they are installed by professionals that do the job right. Around here, that’s the only way we do things. So be sure to keep this information in mind, and don’t hesitate to reach out when you’re in need of quality HVAC services.

Why Use 2 Separate Systems?

One of the greatest benefits of the heat pump is the fact that it isn’t just one system. Well, actually, it is just one system. But it’s one that can do 2 very different things.

In the winter, your heat pump can heat your home. In the summer, it can cool it. Sound too good to be true? You’d be forgiven for thinking so, but it’s actually pretty straightforward.

Air conditioners cool homes by removing heat from the air in the house. Heat pumps operate in the same way. Refrigerant evaporates in the indoor unit, drawing heat out of the air. That refrigerant then travels to the outdoor unit, where it is condensed. In condensing the refrigerant, its heat is released outdoors. That cycle continues until desired temperatures are met in the house.

The Major Difference

Unlike traditional air conditioners, heat pumps are able to reverse this method of operation. That means that they can heat homes in addition to just cooling them. The heat pump features a component called a “reversing valve” that makes this possible. Basically, it reverses the flow of refrigerant and the operation of each coil.

Now, heat is drawn out of the air outside as refrigerant evaporates in the outdoor unit. That refrigerant travels indoors, where it is condensed. This allows heat to be released into the air inside the house. That air is recirculated, and the process continues until the house is warm enough.

This Makes for Incredible Efficiency

We don’t rely on our heaters quite as much as our ACs around here. Our relatively mild winters actually mean that the heat pump is ideal for our area. The best part is that they cost less to heat homes than traditional systems, too.

Because no new heat is generated, but heat is instead transferred into the house, heat pumps heat with remarkable energy efficiency. Just because winters are mild doesn’t mean you should be overpaying for comfort! Reach out today if you think that a heat pump may be the right HVAC system for your home.

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