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Why Furnaces Short Cycle

furnaceIf you encounter an HVAC technician or an equipment salesperson that claims to hold the secret to eliminating the need for HVAC repairs entirely—find someone else to work with! There is nothing that can be done to guarantee 100% reliability with any mechanical system, HVAC systems included. That does not mean that you have to actively contribute to problems with your heater, though! Today we are going to talk about how you might be doing so.

Short cycling is one sign that you need furnace service in St. Charles, MO, but it may not be as clear of a sign as you think. There are actually a few items that you can check on your own here. Like most furnace issues, however, there are multiple causes of short cycling. If there is not an obvious fix, as detailed below, then you will have to schedule service with the trained professionals that you can trust—us!

You May Need a Fresh Filter

The best way in which you can take care of your furnace on your own is by changing your air filter as needed. Typically this is going to mean every 1-3 months, but that is going to vary due to a number of different factors. Pets in the house, general cleanliness, and other situations can all influence how often your filter will need changing. The best thing to do is to pull it out and visually inspect it on a monthly basis. You can always put it back if it’s not really dirty yet.

Why is a fresh filter so important? Well, if the filter gets too dirty then it is going to wind up creating a lot of airflow resistance in your system. And, when that happens, the system can start to overheat. And when that happens, the system will shut down prematurely to cool off, start back up, then cycle back down again. That’s short cycling, and it’s bad for your system and wastes energy!

You May Need to Check the Thermostat

This is definitely not an issue you need a professional to resolve. It’s even easier than changing a filter! Sometimes, we don’t really pay attention to every little thing that we do. It’s possible that you’ve got your temperature at an inappropriate level. If it’s not much higher than the ambient temperature, then your system may be signaled to fire up, but will only have to run very briefly before it cycles back down!

You May Actually Need Professional Repairs

The two situations mentioned above are definitely best case scenarios.  There are plenty of reasons that a furnace may short cycle that will require professional intervention. Your system may have a fuel delivery issue, for instance, or a faulty thermocouple.

When such problems present themselves, you absolutely must schedule service with trained professionals. Remember, a malfunctioning furnace can indeed be dangerous. Don’t take any chances with your comfort or your health.

Schedule your furnace services with Fresh Air Heating & Cooling. We’re here for your home heating needs.

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