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Why Does My Furnace Cost So Much to Run?

filterWhen it comes to your comfort, we really don’t think that you should have to make compromises. If you ask us, everyone deserves to be comfortable in his or her home. However, the cost of heating one’s home can sometimes come into conflict with their overall comfort and what they’re willing to pay for it. If your furnace is leading to sticker shock every time your utility bills arrive, then you have to take action.

And no, that does not mean that you need to replace your furnace with a more efficient model! Make no mistake, upgrading an old, inefficient furnace is definitely a great use of your money. It can lead to long term savings while also boosting your general comfort. But a full system replacement is not always in the cards. Sometimes, upgrading single facets of the system, or even scheduling furnace repair in St. Charles, MO can do the trick. Today, we’ll look at some reasons why your furnace may be costing so much to run.

There Is a Mechanical Issue

It is entirely possible that your furnace is in need of repairs, and that completing those repairs—by which we of course mean hiring a professional to complete those repairs—will solve the problem. What kind of problems are we talking about? Well, there is a whole lot at play here.

You could have an issue with your fuel delivery system, which is not only going to affect your comfort and overall efficiency, but could also be dangerous. Then there’s something like a damaged blower motor, meaning that your furnace could be heating air up just fine, but is struggling to force that heated air throughout your home effectively. Rest assured that, when you work with our team, we’ll diagnose the system accurately and we’ll resolve it entirely.

The Air Filter Is Dirty

This may not sound like a big deal, but a very dirty air filter can cause a whole lot of problems for your furnace. The good news here, if you can really call it that, is that a very dirty air filter is just about the simplest issue to resolve. In fact, it is something that you can—and should—handle on your own. And not just when something goes wrong.

Your air filter is going to need to be changed around every 1-3 months. That means that you need to change it yourself, not just wait for annual maintenance to roll around. Why? Because increased airflow resistance caused by this very dirty filter will result in a drop in overall energy efficiency. That means you’ll be paying more than you should have to in order to heat your home. And, worse, the strain put on the system due to that increased airflow resistance can actually result in problems and damages developing with your system. All of that is easily avoided for a few dollars and a couple of minutes of your time—so keep that air filter fresh!

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