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Which Heating Services Can I Do Myself?

furnace-technicianYou might think that we are going to pull something of a bait and switch and tell you that there are no heating services that you can handle on your own. Well, we’ll admit that we’re going to focus a lot on those services you cannot handle and, more importantly, why you need to hire a pro. However, we’ll also be looking at some steps that you can take on your own in servicing your own heater.

It may not be that extensive of a list, but they are tasks that you should be aware of. As always, we encourage you to reach out to a trained professional if you are uncertain about any HVAC services in O’Fallon. Even if it is technically something DIY appropriate, you still don’t ever want to bite off more than you can chew. Different homeowners will have different comfort levels in terms of what they’re willing to take on. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

Installations and Replacements Require Professional Technicians, Period.

If you just bought or built a new house, chances are that you are not going to attempt to design and install your own heating system from the ground up. You never know, though. Some people are really good at convincing themselves that they can handle jobs well beyond their reach. Why can’t you handle your own installation?

Well, everything from the design of the system to ensuring that it is appropriately sized for your home to the electrical or gas installation services required demand the skill and expertise that only professionals possess. Failure to size a system properly will result in a subpar performance and high energy costs, whereas mistakes with gas connections or electrical wiring quite literally put your life at risk. Plus, various licenses are required to even do such electrical or gas piping work legally to begin with.

This extends to replacing an existing system, too. Just because the framework for a heater may be in place does not mean that you can just “swap it out” with a new model. Only professional technicians can remove your existing system and reintegrate a new one into its place successfully.

Repairs and Maintenance Are a Bit More Lax

Now, we want to make this clear—actually repairing your heater is something you should leave to us. Your risk wasting a lot of time and further damaging your system if you try to repair it yourself. Not only that, but you put your safety and that of everyone in your house at risk.

Basic troubleshooting, however, is another matter. If your heater is short cycling, for instance, check to make sure that your thermostat is working properly. Check your circuit breaker if nothing’s happening at all. Want to do your part in maintaining your heater? Be sure to change your air filter regularly, and keep the area surrounding your heat pump’s outdoor unit clear of debris. There’s plenty that you can do to ensure a great performance from your heater. Just keep it in reason and, when in doubt, call in the pros!

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