When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System

June 24, 2019

AC-unit-workLiving in Missouri means running your air conditioner a lot. You don’t need us to tell you that this system is going to play a major role in your life when temperatures start to rise—and stay risen for much of the year! While we’d love to tell you the secret to an air conditioning system’s eternal youth, the fact is that no air conditioning system is going to last forever. You’ll need an air conditioning replacement at some point.

When that time comes, remember that our technicians are here for you. Also remember that you shouldn’t wait for your system to break down entirely before considering its replacement, though. After all, when is an air conditioner most likely to give out on you but when you absolutely need it the most? Here are some factors to consider that can help you determine if the time is right to start thinking about replacing your air conditioner in Chesterfield.

System Age Is Definitely a Point of Consideration

Is it the ultimate point of consideration that some homeowners think it is, though?

No, not really.

Remember, a very well maintained air conditioner that is fairly old may still outlive and outperform a newer system that has not been properly maintained over the course of its life. If your air conditioner is getting older but still works quite reliably and is relatively efficient, then there is no need to really consider replacing it. If it is quite old and requires even semi-frequent repairs, though, or if it’s not all that efficient, then those other factors combined with its advanced age may mean replacement is your best option.

Let’s Talk More About Efficiency

Specifically, let’s talk about how odd it may sound to replace an air conditioning system that is actually functioning quite well. Is it counterintuitive? Yes, sure. Is it unreasonable?

No, not really.

You see, energy efficiency just wasn’t what it is today even a short while ago. You might have a system that’s getting older but works just as intended while still paying too much to cool your home. The system may just have been manufactured at a time when a “good” efficiency rating was less efficient than today’s standards.

You might even have a newer system that you purchased because it was relatively cheap, sacrificing efficiency ratings for upfront savings. We get it. An air conditioner is a major expense. If you do have more funds available to you today than you did at the time of purchase, though, investing in a new and more efficient system is definitely worth considering.

Bottom Line: Are You Happy?

In terms of your air conditioner, we mean.

Again, we understand that you want to get the most out of your initial investment. To some people, that means really running the system they’ve already paid for into the ground.

But what about if you just aren’t satisfied with your system? What if it doesn’t have the functionality you want. What if you’d prefer a ductless AC that different zone capabilities. Ultimately, you use your AC too much to put up with an underwhelming experience.

Schedule your AC replacement with Fresh Air Heating & Cooling.

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