When to Replace an Air Conditioner

August 20, 2018

AC-tools-on-top-of-unitWait a second, we’re nearly at the end of the summer season. Why the heck would I bother replacing my AC when things are hopefully going to be cooling down relatively soon? Well, doesn’t it make more sense to replace your air conditioner in Chesterfield, MO at the end of the season, rather than waiting until you really need a new air conditioner and trying to have it done then? We think so. Of course, that still leaves you with the question of when an air conditioning replacement is actually necessary.

Look, there is no set date that any air conditioner is going to just give up and quit on you. While AC systems will have an expected lifespan, this doesn’t mean that the system will stop working on the day it hits that point. It also doesn’t mean that the system will necessarily even last that long, unfortunately. So what’s a homeowner to do? Wait for the system to break down before replacing it? No way! Here are some tips to help you decide if an AC replacement is necessary.

Consider the Age of Your System

Like we said, there is no point at which your system is going to self-destruct. It may be expected to last about 12 years, say, but it is not going to need to be replaced as soon as its twelfth birthday arrives. Age is still a factor to consider, though—just not the deciding factor that some homeowners want and expect it to be.

There are a number of other factors that will be influenced by the age of the system,  however,  and this is where the number really comes into play. There are instances in which a younger system may be worthy of a replacement, and there are situations in which an older system may still be worth repairing. How does age enter the equation really, then? When you consider the following!

How Efficient Is It?

Remember when we said that you may want to replace a relatively new system? Efficiency, or lack thereof, is a common reason for wanting to do so. Consider low efficiency due to a low-efficiency rating. You may have bought a relatively inefficient system to save some money when purchasing that system. You may have inherited a pretty inefficient system when you bought your home. Whatever the case, it may make sense to replace now, even if the system’s not old, in order to enjoy long-term energy savings.

Of course, you may also have a system that used to be efficient, but which no longer is because the system is so old. That is a common occurrence, and the fact that the system is running okay still doesn’t mean that it’s worth running due to the high cost!

Are You Happy with It?

Another reason to replace an AC, even if it’s not that old? Because you’re just not happy with it.  Yes, really!

Maybe the system isn’t of the design that you’d prefer. Maybe it’s not that reliable, and you’re sick of paying for repairs. Whatever the case, count on our team to replace your AC with the system that you really want, and/or one that will live up to your deservedly high expectations.

Schedule your AC replacement with the professional technicians here at Fresh Air Heating & Cooling.

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