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What’s Causing My Furnace in Fenton, MO, to Overheat?

Furnace Overheat

You may have noticed a burning smell coming from the HVAC system’s vents. You may have also noticed that your furnace keeps cycling off and minimizing comfort in your Fenton, MO, home. In this guide, we discuss several reasons a furnace would overheat and offer tips to resolve the issue.

Blocked Airflow

First, you need to determine if your furnace is getting enough airflow. The internal components may get too hot if the airflow is inadequate. This issue occurs when you fail to change the air filters and they clog with dirt.

The dirt and debris also clog the vents, which results in overheating. To prevent this, make sure to clean or replace the air filters every month. Also, check your vents for any debris and dust that may have accumulated over time.

Dirty Internal Components

If your air filters are dirty, chances are the accumulated dirt has found its way into the internal components of your furnace. For example, the coils can get covered in grime and dirt, which causes overheating. The blower motor is another sensitive component that dirt can harm.

It’s crucial to clean the coils and remove any debris that may have settled in your furnace. While it’s OK to change the filters yourself, don’t attempt to clean the components. Instead, seek professional repairs services from an expert HVAC contractor.

Mechanical Failures

Sometimes, the problem isn’t airflow or internal components. Instead, the cause may be the furnace itself. Over time, your furnace experiences wear and tear and may develop mechanical failures that lead to overheating.

Unbalanced or unaligned fans or components, issues with electrical wiring or even a strained belt might be the cause. The furnace needs inspection and maintenance twice a year to mitigate these issues.

Old Age

Like everything else, your furnace ages. As it gets older, components lose their efficiency. Eventually, this results in overworking and overheating.

At this point, repairs won’t solve the problem. You need to replace your outmoded furnace with a newer and more effective one. That way, you can save on energy costs as you improve your comfort levels.

Your furnace may be experiencing one or more problems that can cause it to overheat. When you’re dealing with this issue, consult our expert service technicians at Fresh Air Heating & Cooling for HVAC maintenance and repairs.

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