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What Makes Your Smart Thermostat Screen Go Blank?

Adjusting A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats have become increasingly popular in recent years. They’re an excellent addition to any home, providing convenient temperature control and energy efficiency. However, it can be frustrating when the screen on your smart thermostat in Ladue, MO, goes blank. Here are some reasons this might happen:

Firmware Update

Smart thermostats often receive firmware updates to fix bugs or add new features. During a firmware update, the screen may go blank.

This is normal; the screen should return once the update is complete. Avoid interrupting a firmware update because it can damage the thermostat.

Loose Wiring

If the wiring behind the thermostat is loose or disconnected, the thermostat won’t function properly. This can cause the screen to go blank. Never check the wiring behind the thermostat yourself. Hire a professional to complete the inspection to prevent damage or personal injury.

Dead Batteries

The screen won’t turn on if your thermostat’s batteries are dead. To fix this, replace the batteries with fresh ones. If your thermostat continues to display a blank screen, you may have a problem with the thermostat’s wiring or circuit board. A professional can help you diagnose the problem and recommend the most cost-effective solution.

Open Furnace Door

Closing the furnace door incorrectly may cause the thermostat to malfunction. This is because closing the furnace door is necessary to activate the safety switch, which allows the thermostat to turn on. To fix this, make sure the furnace door is securely closed.

Call Fresh Air Heating & Cooling, where our expert service technicians provide quality HVAC services to residents throughout Ladue, MO. If your thermostat’s screen is blank, attempt the aforementioned to see if you can restore power. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly assist you with anything related to your home comfort, including thermostat replacements and repairs.

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