Ways Your Commercial HVAC System Can Reduce Productivity

July 7, 2022

Particle pollution is a significant public health threat in the Chesterfield, MO, area. Maintaining healthy indoor air quality is vital for the health and comfort of your employees. This guide explains three ways your commercial HVAC system can hamper productivity in your business.

Sick Building Syndrome

Firstly, sick building syndrome is a federally recognized condition. It occurs when your building’s air contains biological contaminants such as particulates, microbial and other pathogens linked to respiratory conditions like allergies. We can provide air filtration to reduce such airborne pathogens.

Skipping HVAC maintenance appointments can make it easier for biological growth to occur in your commercial HVAC system. What’s more, Legionnaire’s disease, pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses can cause increased downtime or even employee hospitalizations. These conditions make it easy to see how maintaining your HVAC system can keep your employees healthy and productive. As a result, you boost your business.

Noise Pollution

Your employees need a peaceful, quiet environment for work. Customers and other visitors to your business deserve an agreeable atmosphere, too. Knocking or rattling HVAC components can make it hard for clients to focus on corporate presentations.

Over time, such minor annoyances can contribute to noise pollution and increased stress levels. Ductless systems conveniently eliminate the risk of dealing with loud ducts.

Distracting Discomfort

Finally, while the environmental temperature isn’t usually first on anyone’s mind, it becomes a focus of attention when problems occur. If your employees have to wear bulky coats and gloves or repeatedly run to the ice machine to stay comfortable, they won’t be very efficient or focused.

If you run a client-facing business, consider the impression such scenarios give your customers. Take a moment to consider their physical comfort as valued visitors in your office.

Boosting employee productivity is as easy as a five-minute phone conversation with our team. Reach out to Fresh Air Heating & Cooling for help with strategic HVAC system maintenance and installation services.

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