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3 Tips for Using Your Heat Pump More Efficiently

Heat Pump

Heat pumps offer a level of energy efficiency that exceeds that of traditional HVAC systems. Nevertheless, there are things that homeowners in Valley Park, MO, can do to truly maximize it. Here are three tips to use your heat pump more efficiently:

Keep the Filter Clean

Dirty air filters can diminish the rate at which air will flow through and out of your heat pump. This, in turn, will harm the system’s performance and curtail its overall efficiency. Change the filters about once every 30-90 days.

Take Care of Your Thermostat

Since your thermostat controls when your heat pump will turn on or off, any plan to maximize efficiency must take the thermostat into account. You should avoid certain bad habits with your thermostat and commit to taking proper care of it.

First, don’t crank your thermostat down to get things cooler. Instead of speeding up the rate at which your heat pump operates, this will only waste energy. Also, to guarantee accurate temperature readings, be sure to place your thermostat in an area that’s neither hotter nor colder than the average in your home.

Secondly, remember to let professionals examine your thermostat every year or so to check for issues. If the device is more than 10 years old, consider buying a new one.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

It’s absolutely essential to provide your heat pump with professional maintenance at least once per year, though it would be even better to do it twice per year. During maintenance, a service technician will remove debris from the system, recharge it with refrigerant, clean valves, tighten screws and detect latent issues before they can become more serious. All of these things will either increase efficiency or prevent it from deteriorating.

By taking the foregoing advice to heart, you can squeeze the most out of your system. But to really push your system to work at its best, call Fresh Air Heating & Cooling and sign up for the finest heat pump services around Valley Park, MO.

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