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5 Signs of a Faulty AC Evaporator Coil in Clayton, MO

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Your air conditioner’s evaporator coil may need replacing if it isn’t performing as well as it once did. When it’s hot inside but cool outside, the air conditioner’s refrigerant may chill the air and pump it back into the home via the evaporator coil. Here are five signs of a malfunctioning AC evaporator coil in Clayton, MO, that you need to know:

Blocked Ducts

Ducts clogged with debris like dust and pet hair may be disastrous for your air conditioner. Problems with your central AC system and uncomfortable conditions inside your house or workplace can result from blocked airflow.

Low Cooling Power

Low cooling capacity for energy input is another red flag for a malfunctioning evaporator coil. If this occurs, your air conditioner’s compressor or condenser coils may need changing.

High Energy Bills and Poor Air Quality

If there’s a problem with your air conditioner’s evaporator coil, you may initially notice increased energy costs and worse indoor air quality. This is because the coils will soon overheat and wear out if debris, dust and pet dander are allowed to accumulate on them.

AC System Isn’t Working Properly

When your air conditioner suddenly stops operating, it might be due to a defective evaporator coil. Dirt and debris may have built up on your coils, preventing them from cooling.

Water Coming From the Air Conditioner

Water dripping from the vents indicates a broken evaporator coil. Because condensation forms in the ducting and drips back into the system, damaging components like capacitors, this issue might lead to the system’s failure within a few days to a few weeks.

At the first indication of an issue with your air conditioner in Clayton, MO, call us at Fresh Air Heating & Cooling for AC repair or replacement. We’ll work fast to restore your home comfort.

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