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5 Signs of a Failing AC Sensor in Ladue, MO

AC System

Your Ladue, MO, home should be your private oasis, so you need your air conditioner to keep you comfortable during the summer. However, your AC system can develop sudden issues that prevent it from working correctly, and one of them is a failing sensor. Keep reading to learn about five signs of a failing AC sensor so you know when to call for help.

Sensor Randomly Turns On and Off

A faulty AC sensor can make your system go haywire. Specifically, it might randomly turn on and off again without hitting the temperature you set. This makes your home unpredictable in terms of comfort and can cause premature air conditioning failure.

The AC System Runs Constantly

Does your room feel too cold? If an AC sensor doesn’t recognize when the temperature reaches what you set on the thermostat, the system will keep blasting cool air. This runs your system down unnecessarily.

You Spot an Error Code

Your home’s air conditioner might display error codes on the control panel in the event of a malfunction. If you see one, consult any manufacturer paperwork that came with the system to determine whether the sensor is failing.

Remote Control Doesn’t Work

Controlling your air conditioner remotely is a nice feature of a smart thermostat. Yet, the time might come when the system stops responding to your commands. That could indicate a problem with the remote, but it could also be a faulty sensor.

Your Power Bill Soars

You might expect your utility bill to go up when you run your AC system during the summer, but how much it goes up might surprise you. There are plenty of reasons this might happen, and a failing AC sensor is one of them.

As you can see, there are several warning signs of a failing AC sensor. Once you identify a specific sign, you can communicate better with a service technician for diagnosis and air conditioning repairs. Contact us at Fresh Air Heating & Cooling for all your home’s AC repairs.

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