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Schedule a Heating Repair if You Notice These Sounds and Smells

Heating Repair

Do you use a furnace to heat your Fenton, MO, home during the cold winter months? If so, you must pay attention to how it operates to keep your family safe. The most alarming signs of trouble often come in the form of strange sounds and smells. Schedule a heating repair if you notice these sounds and smells coming from your furnace:

Burning Smell

You’ll likely notice a burning smell when you turn your furnace on for the first time for the heating season. Dust will accumulate on your furnace during the dormant period. When you turn the furnace on, it’ll burn off. If the burning smell disappears within a few hours, you have nothing to worry about. Burning smells during the winter usually indicate that overheating electrical components are burning and melting or there’s a problem with the system’s wiring.

Rotten Egg Smell

This smell only means one thing: There’s a natural gas leak in your furnace. Gas leaks are dangerous and should prompt you to leave your property immediately. When you’re outside, schedule a heating repair immediately.

Scraping Sound

In most cases, a metallic scraping sound indicates that a service technician needs to tighten the furnace’s blower wheel. A malfunctioning blower wheel can damage other areas of your furnace, so it’s vital to schedule a repair quickly.

Screeching Sound

If your furnace has a problem with a motor bearing or belt, it’ll make a screeching sound. Fortunately, a service technician can adjust and repair the bearings with lubricant and replace the belt easily.

Unusual sounds and smells coming from your furnace should alarm you enough to schedule a heating repair soon after noticing them. Contact Fresh Air Heating & Cooling to have your furnace repaired by a technically proficient service technician. We’ll ensure your furnace is operating efficiently and safely, keeping your family warm without worries this winter and beyond.

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