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Learn More About Smart Thermostats, Their Features and Their Benefits

Using Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats use software and artificial intelligence to control your home’s heating and cooling. They’re compatible with most types of heating and cooling systems. If you’re in need of a new thermostat, consider these benefits of smart thermostats:

Automatic Temperature Adjustment

Many smart thermostats have a built-in geofencing feature. Through its Wi-Fi connection, it tracks the location of your phone. It also tracks your speed as your phone moves toward home. By doing this, it anticipates your arrival and adjusts the timing of heating and cooling cycles.

Track Movement

The newest smart thermostats include motion sensors. If you have a zoned climate control system, the motion sensors pair with your phone to know where you’re located. It reduces airflow to parts of your home you’re not using, which leads to lower energy use.

Send Energy Reports to Your Phone

Through your thermostat’s app, you can track your home’s energy use. The energy reports show when your heating or cooling system cycled and how many times. It will estimate your next bill and offer tips to lower your energy use.

Lower Energy Costs

The software on a smart thermostat uses algorithms to carefully time each heating and cooling cycle. Its algorithms engage in long-term learning of your schedule and activity patterns. This results in lower energy use and a smaller carbon footprint.

Remotely Access Your HVAC System

Apps for modern thermostats allow you to access your HVAC system from your phone. If your flight got delayed, you can update the system. If there’s a weather change, you can turn off the air conditioning and switch the system to heating. You can also use the thermostat’s voice controls to adjust the temperature while you’re at home.

A smart thermostat saves you money and lowers your energy costs. They also add convenience for temperature control when you’re at home and away. For more information about the features and benefits of smart thermostats, contact Fresh Air Heating & Cooling today.

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