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3 Issues Caused by Outdated HVAC Thermostats in Ballwin, MO

HVAC Thermostat

Thermostats are of central importance for home comfort, which makes it inconvenient and even uncomfortable to stick to very old ones. Here are three issues that Ballwin, MO, homeowners can experience if they have outdated HVAC thermostats:

HVAC System Inefficiency

The precision with which thermostats can calibrate and control HVAC systems decreases over time. Newer and more recently designed thermostats will pretty much always push your HVAC system to perform more efficiently than older ones.

To see an extreme example of this, you only need to compare manual thermostats to the latest programmable ones. The latter can set the exact times and temperatures at which your HVAC system will turn on and off, and the former can’t. Hence, using an older thermostat will cause you to waste energy.

Higher Utility Bills

Inefficient HVAC performance most obviously manifests in the form of elevated utility bills. The latest thermostats have a feature called recovery mode, which can help save you even more money than previous digital thermostats could. With this feature, a thermostat will subtly turn on your HVAC system ahead of time and use as little energy as possible to bring indoor temperatures to ideal levels by the time that you have appointed.

Getting rid of an outdated thermostat can help save you money on energy. This is true even if nothing appears to be overtly wrong with your older thermostat.

Incorrect Signals

An outdated thermostat can cause your HVAC system to misbehave in all sorts of ways. Your system might refuse to turn on or off or may begin short cycling, which means it won’t run a complete cycle. All of these behaviors cause extra wear and tear on your system and require a trained HVAC service technician to perform either repair or maintenance services to resolve them.

If your thermostat is causing issues for your home comfort, it may be time for a replacement. To get a new one, call Fresh Air Heating & Cooling and ask for our professional thermostat services today.

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