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Is It too Late to Worry About a Furnace Repair?

furnace-technicianWe know what some of you out there are thinking. Well, my furnace seems to be struggling a bit. But hey, it’s nearly spring. I won’t really be needing it too much longer. I won’t really be pushing it as hard. I’m sure that everything will be okay if I just let this issue wait until next season. Right? Right?

Don’t come looking to us for reassurance if that’s the path that you’re planning to go down. Will your heater squeak by for the remainder of the heating season? Maybe. Who knows. Is that a chance you’re willing to take? Are you comfortable grinding your heater into the ground as it suffers from an operational issue of some kind? Well—we hope not! If you think that you may need furnace repair in O’Fallon, MO, then we strongly encourage you to schedule service promptly. It’s just not a gamble worth making. 

What Should Tip Me Off?

A lot of times we’ll arrive to a call to fix a broken down furnace, and we’ll ask if there was anything odd going on with the system. And you know what? Sometimes, homeowners cannot really think of anything. Something a furnace may just break down without much warning. But that is really the exception to the rule. For the most part, there is going to be some indication that something is not quite right. It may not be something drastic, but anything unusual should leave you reaching out for the pros.

  • Loud or unfamiliar sounds could mean that there is a problem with combustion, a fan issue, a failing motor, or many other problems.
  • Increased heating costs relative to the time of the year may mean that you are working with a compromised system struggling for efficiency.
  • Strange odors, like a burning smell, should be investigated immediately. If you smell gas in your home, exit the house and contact the appropriate utility.

What Are the Benefits of a Prompt Repair?

You’ll be more comfortable, because even a “minor” problem with your heater is going to leave it operating at a reduced output level in most cases. And you’ll help to keep energy costs in check, too. When a system is not able to function as it ought to, there is really no way in which you can hope to keep that system operating at peak efficiency levels. Basically, you are almost certainly wasting money if you think that you are saving money by putting off repairs.

And then there is the matter of your system’s condition itself. If you hurt your pitching arm but continue to close out the season, your arm is going to be much worse for wear than if you rehabbed it properly. The same is true for your heater and its operation. Don’t run the risk of making problems worse.  Trust us, they will get worse if this is the path that you choose. And the resulting repairs will be all the more expensive down the road!

Schedule your heating repairs with Fresh Air Heating & Cooling.

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