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Is a Heat Pump the Right Cooling System for Me?

hot-and-coldIt’s certainly a possibility! We’re sorry that we cannot give you a definitive answer to this question, but we’d need a little more to work with in terms of information before we can really guide your decision-making process. What we can offer right now, however, is an overview of why the heat pump is the right option for so many different homeowners. While there is no definitive  AC system that best suits everyone, there are plenty of reasons why heat pumps are so popular.

We also want to stress that, despite how great heat pumps are, the only way you’re going to get a great performance from your heat pump is by scheduling your heat pump services in Chesterfield—including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance—with skilled, experienced professionals. The good news is that you are reading this right now, and that means that you’re already well on your way to scheduling your services with pros that you can trust.

Versatility Meets Efficiency

Heating and cooling in just one system. That is the major benefit of heat pumps. How is that possible? Because rather than generate new heat, heat pumps transfer existing heat into the house during the winter—much the same way as they transfer heat out of the house in the summer. How is that possible? We’re glad you asked!

The Refrigerant Cycle

Refrigerant is the key to any air conditioning system’s ability to cool a house. It is the heat transfer medium that your system uses in order to remove heat from the house. Refrigerant evaporates in the indoor evaporator coil, drawing heat out of the air in the process. It then travels outside to the condenser coil. As it is condensed, the system releases its heat into the air outside.

A heat pump functions much the same as a traditional split central air conditioner in the summer time. In the winter, however, where most people are switching over to their heating systems, heat pump users simply switch the function of the system at the thermostat. A component called the reversing valve allows the system to send refrigerant in the opposite direction, while also flipping the function of the coils.

Now, refrigerant evaporates in the outdoor coil, drawing heat out of the air outside. It is compressed to maximize its thermal energy, and then it is condensed indoors. That way,  it releases heat to warm the house up. Because no heat is really generated,  but is transferred,  instead, the heat pump is an incredibly efficient home heating option.

Schedule Your Heat Pump Services with Us!

Our relatively mild winter season actually means that heat pumps are ideally suited for use in this area. Just remember what we said about scheduling professional heat pump services. When you get our technicians on the job, you can count on nothing less than the very best performance that your new heat pump has to offer.

Contact Fresh Air Heating & Cooling to get your heat pump up and running effectively, reliably, and efficiently.



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