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The Impact of High Humidity Inside Your Home

High Humidity In Home

When your humidity level is too high or too low, your home can feel uncomfortable and sustain damage. High humidity is common in Chesterfield, MO, during the spring and summer. Excess moisture and condensation in homes can lead to microbial growth. Read on to learn about the impact of high humidity inside your home.

What’s Humidity?

Humidity describes the concentration of water vapor in the air. When the humidity level outside reaches 100%, the air can’t hold more moisture. As a result, it’ll rain. Many things can lead to high humidity levels inside your home, including boiling water, taking a hot shower, or drying laundry. Indoor air quality experts recommend maintaining a humidity level between 30% and 60% inside your house to preserve comfortable conditions.

How Does High Humidity Damage Your Home?

Microbial growth can become prevalent in damp areas of your home. Microbial can form on everything from shower curtains and windowsills to tiles and building materials. The worst part is that it can exacerbate health problems in people who suffer from allergies and asthma. If you don’t eliminate microbial growth, it’ll destroy the things on which it grows.

High humidity can also cause paint to flake or wallpaper to curl. It can damage wooden furnishings and fittings and lead to structural problems.

How Do You Control Humidity?

Balancing the humidity level inside your house is simple. Minimizing how much moisture you produce and letting it escape is critical. Using exhaust fans in your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room is vital to eliminating excess moisture. Also, consider investing in a whole-home dehumidifier that can help you reach an ideal humidity between 30% and 60%.

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