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How Dirty Filters Lead to Furnace Repairs

man-with-filterReally? You’re telling me that a dirty air filter can lead to problems that will require professional furnace repairs?

Yes, really.

The filter in your furnace is not the most complex piece of equipment in that system. It’s far from the most expensive. And it’s one that you can actually—and should actually—service on your own.

But many people fail to do so. And we wind up visiting those people for furnace repairs, just when they need their systems the most. And that is no fun for them.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at what the filter in your furnace actually does, as well as how neglecting it can lead to the need for furnace repairs in St. Peters, MO. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about changing your air filter yourself.

Clean Air Doesn’t Mean Clean Filter

What’s that mean? Well, a common misconception is that the standard air filter in an HVAC system is there to improve indoor air quality throughout a house. By that logic, the fact that your air quality seems fine might make you think that your air filter is fine. However, that is not really the purpose of this air filter.

A standard air filter is really there to protect your HVAC system itself. It keeps dust and dirt from entering the system and causing problems. To clean the air in your home, you need a dedicated air filtration system. So, while a dirty air filter may have a negative effect on your indoor air quality, you really cannot use the air quality to gauge the condition of your filter.

So How Do You Gauge It?

Simply put—you look at it. Air filters are very accessible to nonprofessionals due to the very fact that you, as a homeowner, should be checking your air filter somewhat regularly. Typically, this type of filter should be changed every 1-3 months. However, there are a lot of different factors that will inform how frequently this actually has to happen. The presence of pets in the house, for example, overall cleanliness, and even proximity to major roadways, woods, or construction sites can all have an effect on how frequently your filter needs changing.

What’s the Big Deal, Though

Your air quality may not suffer because of a dirty standard air filter, but your HVAC system definitely will. The more airflow resistance that your air filter creates due to how dirty it is, the harder the system is going to have to work. The harder that the system has to work, the more wear and tear it suffers. The more wear and tear it suffers, the greater the risk of operational problems.

Plus, you’re going to be paying more money to heat your home than you should have to. If your system is working harder and harder, then it is going to use more and more energy! And that is energy that you are paying for. So make sure that you change your air filter regularly!

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