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Heating Issues: When to Schedule Repairs

You don’t want to hear it, and we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news.  That doesn’t change the fact that you will need heating repairs eventually, though. When you do, you need to schedule them as promptly as possible. The longer that you force your compromised heater to keep running, the worse off that system is going to be. This begs the question of just when you are supposed to schedule service, of course.

You just said it—as soon as possible! Well, sure, but how do you know when there is a problem to begin with? If you’re waiting for your heater to break down entirely before you schedule service, then “as soon as possible” is kind out the window, right? Ideally, you’ll notice the problem well before things get that bad. So we’ve got a few tips to help you spot the need for heating repair in St. Charles, MO right away.

Is Your Heater Freezing You Out?

Heating systems can’t hold a grudge. We also can’t really imagine how you could offend a heater even if that were possible, but hey, people can get pretty creative. Regardless, if your heater is giving you the cold shoulder, you should be concerned. What do we mean by this?

Well, is your heater blowing cool air out of its vents? Is it leaving certain areas of your home chilly while others are plenty warm? Such inconsistencies are obviously signs of trouble. If it’s always been the case, then your system may have just been poorly designed or improperly sized. If it’s a new development, however, you need professional heating repair technicians to get to the bottom of things.

Are Your Bills Draining Your Budget?

You can’t heat your home for free. Well, if you’re sneaking out in the night and chopping down firewood to burn in the fireplace, maybe you can. We’re not in charge of how you spend your time, but we’d say you may want to reconsider that type of action.

If you use a regular old heater, though, you are going to pay to heat your home. That doesn’t mean you should be content to overpay to heat your home, however. If your heating costs are rising without a clear reason why, give us a call to have any necessary repairs completed.

Is Your Heating Making a Lot of Noise?

Your heater probably is not going to operate completely silently. Electric radiant heating systems are pretty much silent, but they’re also not commonly used. Your furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless systems all make noise of some kind as they run. Is yours making too much noise, though?

If so, let us know before serious damage is done to your system. It doesn’t have to be a very loud noise, either. It may just be an unfamiliar one. If your heater is making a racket, it is trying to tell you it’s in trouble. So listen up!

Schedule your heating repairs with the professional technicians here at Fresh Air Heating & Cooling.

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