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4 Features Most Smart Thermostats Offer That You Want Right Away

Controlling Smart Thermostats

Do you still use a manual thermostat to adjust your HVAC system and manage your home’s temperature? If so, you’re missing out on significant energy savings and convenience benefits. Upgrading to a smart thermostat is a wise choice. Read on to learn four features most smart thermostats offer that you should want right away.

Automatic Programming

To maximize energy efficiency with a manual thermostat, you must adjust it dozens of times per day. Think about all the time you’re spending thinking about and walking to the manual thermostat. A smart thermostat can learn your habits and behaviors, adjusting accordingly to keep you comfortable when you’re there and minimize energy consumption without turning the HVAC system off completely when you’re away.

Remote Accessibility

Let’s say you’ve left for a family vacation and forgotten to turn your home’s HVAC system off for the week. Rather than worrying about the energy expenses you’ll accrue while you’re away, you can access your HVAC system’s thermostat via an app on your smartphone. With a few taps, you can turn it off and relax in peace. Remote accessibility also helps you avoid walking to the thermostat to make sudden changes.

Energy Usage Reports

Do you know if your home is wasting energy? A smart thermostat sends your monthly energy usage reports to inform you where you’re saving and wasting the most energy. As a result, you can take those findings and optimize your home for energy efficiency. For example, you can seal drafts, upgrade insulation or install a new HVAC system.

Maintenance Reminders

Remembering to schedule HVAC maintenance isn’t easy when you’re busy doing dozens of other tasks every day. A smart thermostat will do that job for you and remind you when it’s time to tune your air conditioner up or have a professional inspect your heater. It’ll also alert you when you need to change the HVAC system’s filter.

Do you want to upgrade your HVAC system with one of the latest smart thermostats available? Contact Fresh Air Heating & Cooling to learn more about our selection.

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