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Are Your Cooling Costs too High?

seesaw-house-moneyIf there’s one thing you can count on in our area, it’s hot and humid summer weather.  That means there’s another thing you really need to be able to count on—your air conditioning system. Sometimes, though, being able to cool your home effectively just isn’t enough. What’s that mean? Well, consider this scenario—you’re cooling your home effectively, but it’s costing you an arm and a leg! If that’s the case in your home, then you may need air conditioning repair in O’Fallon, MO.

Of course, as is the case with so many air conditioning issues, there are many potential causes of the problem. The key to getting your AC back on track is to diagnose the actual problem accurately the first time. Then, you can address the right problem in the right away. Now, most of these problems are going to require the type of service that only trained professionals can offer. But, not all! Read on to learn about why your AC may be costing too much to cool.

Your System Hasn’t Been Properly Maintained

We cannot overstate this. You absolutely must schedule routine, professional air conditioning maintenance. There is just no better way in which to keep your air conditioner functioning as effectively, reliably, and efficiently as possible. If you have not been diligent in scheduling annual AC maintenance, then you really only have yourself to blame when—not if—your cooling costs start to rise.

Before you go searching for answers and tutorials online, let us tell you flat out that routine maintenance is one of those services that requires a professional’s touch. It involves a lot of testing, cleaning, lubricating, etc. It’s much more involved than many DIY enthusiasts realize, but they learn quickly! That being said, there is one maintenance step that you can and should handle on your own.

Have You Changed Your Air Filter?

If not, give that a try. It’s very simple to do, these standard air filters are very cheap, and it has a hugely beneficial effect on your AC. And no, the fact that your indoor air quality seems fine does not mean that you don’t need a fresh filter. That filter is there to protect your system itself, not to boost indoor air quality.

If the air filter in your system is too dirty, then it is really going to restrict airflow. That will leave your AC working harder than it should have to in order to distribute cooled air throughout your home. And, the harder the system needs to work to cool your home, the more it is going to cost you to do so effectively!

You May Need Repairs

Any problem with your air conditioner is going to negatively affect its overall energy efficiency. This does not mean a major problem that causes the system to break down entirely. It doesn’t mean that you should wait for such a problem to develop before addressing your concerns.

When you schedule repairs to nip symptoms like this in the bud, you’re taking a great step toward protecting your system in the long run. Don’t let problems spiral out of control, especially when you’ve got an inkling that something is wrong.

Schedule your AC repairs with Fresh Air Heating & Cooling.

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