5 AC Noises You Should Never Ignore in Chesterfield, MO

June 11, 2022

Air conditioners in Chesterfield, MO, don’t produce loud and unusual sounds unless they’re faulty. Sometimes the noise you hear from the AC system may signify an underlying issue that requires professional air conditioning repair. Here’s a guide to alarming AC noises, what they mean and why you shouldn’t ignore them.


A humming or buzzing sound from the condenser might mean the electricity is running too hot or the compressor is faulty. Other causes may include a refrigerant leak, loose parts or worn-out rubber feet on the condenser. It’s time to call a certified AC repair service technician when you hear buzzing.


A loose or broken component can be the reason for the air conditioner producing a banging noise. Turn it off when you hear a banging noise, and wait for an AC repair service technician to diagnose the issue and recommend solutions.


An issue with the condensate drain or refrigerant line could cause a gurgling or bubbling noise. A refrigerant leak causes an air conditioner to gurgle, while the bubbling noise might originate from the condensate drain trap. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous; call an expert to fix the leak if you hear gurgling.


When your fan repeatedly hits an obstacle in the AC system as it spins, it produces a repetitive clanging noise. If the fan doesn’t connect with the mount, it’ll keep hitting the cage when spinning, making a clanging sound. Over time, the sound worsens if you ignore it, forcing the AC system to sustain severe damage.


If an air conditioner whistles as it’s running, turn it off immediately. The whistling sound means that the return vent isn’t getting enough air because of a blockage that’s producing higher pressure. Shut dampers can also cause whistling.

Schedule an air conditioning repair appointment if you hear these odd AC noises. Call Fresh Air Heating & Cooling for routine maintenance or an estimate for any AC repairs you may need.

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