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Is Your AC Compressor On Its Last Leg?

Failing AC Compressor

A properly functioning air conditioning compressor is essential for keeping your home cool during the summer months in Ballwin, MO. However, if you’re having a hard time cooling your home, it may be time to have your AC compressor checked. Here are four signs that indicate your AC compressor is bad:

Making Strange Sounds

A healthy compressor should run smoothly and quietly. If you hear a ticking, clicking or rattling sound from your air conditioner, it could be an early sign that the AC compressor is failing. There could be a problem with the electrical component like the capacitor.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If a breaker trips, it means too much current flows through the compressor. This can result from a loose wire in the compressor, which will shut off power to the AC system. Resetting the breaker will fix the problem, but if the breaker trips repeatedly, it’s a sign that the compressor is bad and needs immediate replacement.

Reduced Airflow

A drop in airflow is one of the first signs that the air conditioner’s compressor is bad. Over time, the compressor can develop leaks, which allow refrigerant to escape. This decrease in refrigerant levels can cause the airflow to drop, making it difficult for the AC system to cool your home.

Blowing Warm Air

The compressor is responsible for circulating the refrigerant through the AC system. If the refrigerant in the compressor leaks, your AC unit might continue to function but fail to send cool air throughout your home. The air from the AC unit will therefore be abnormally warm.

If you’re a resident in Ballwin, MO, experiencing any of the signs and need an air conditioning repair, contact Fresh Air Heating & Cooling. We have many years of experience servicing compressors and would be happy to help you get your AC system back up and running.

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