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5 Tips To Increase Heater Efficiency

woman-coldAs we move even further into the colder months of the year, many of us will begin to battle with the urge to stay comfortable versus keep our energy bills reasonable. It is never fun to get a bill that makes you wonder if you can afford to give the kids more than one gift this year. So how do you find the sweet spot?

Thankfully, with our help, you can enjoy energy-efficient heating that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. We’ve provided some tips to help you optimize the use of your heater so you can enjoy a warm home without excessive bills.

5 Tips To Help You Keep Warm This Winter

It is reasonable to want to enjoy a comfortably warm home without too high of a cost. A well-cared-for heater should usually be able to help you accomplish this goal. This doesn’t mean there aren’t additional ways to keep your bills on the lower side though. Check out some of these handy tips to help you save without forcing you and your loved ones to freeze.

  1. Enjoy the sunshine when it appears: We know we have our fair share of overcast days but when the clouds part and the sunlight comes through, take advantage of it. Sunlight provides a small level of radiant heat for your home so open the blinds and curtains to let those rays in. This will help to warm up your home and reduce the demand on your heater.
  2. Layer up: No you shouldn’t need five layers to keep warm in your house this winter. If you do, there is likely an issue with your heating system. But this doesn’t mean you should be wandering around the house in shorts. Layer up a bit this season in your comfiest sweatpants, your favorite sweater, and those fuzzy socks you got for Christmas last year. This will help you feel warmer and will lower the demands you need to make on your heating system.
  3. Keep your temperature settings reasonable: We know it can be tempting to drive the temperature on the thermostat up as high as possible to take the chill out of the air. However, all this does is cost you extra cash. Even worse, it doesn’t heat the home any faster! Rather than driving the temperature up excessively high, try raising it by 10 to 15°F. It may not seem like much but it will go a long way in helping you feel warmer without a big price tag.
  4. Schedule repairs as soon as they pop up: Have you noticed that your heater isn’t producing reliable heat lately or it is emitting strange sounds like rattling or screeching. Signs that you need heating repair in O’Fallon, MO should never be ignored. Trying to delay heater repairs will only end up costing you extra cash in the long run. Instead of trying to wait it out, reach out to our team of professionals to fix the issue properly. We offer 24/7 emergency services because we want you to get the help you need ASAP.
  5. Know when to call it quits. This might seem like it is a big leap but the truth is that there is no point in keeping around a heater that needs to retire. Even if it is still working, older heaters in need of replacement can’t stand up against the effectiveness and efficiency of a more modern system. In some cases, an upgrade can be the biggest long-term money saver you choose.

Need help with your heating services? Schedule an appointment with Fresh Air Heating & Cooling.

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