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3 Ways Your AC Is Begging for Help

outdoor-unitOkay, so your air conditioner is not literally talking to you. That does not mean that it isn’t communicating with you, though. Your air conditioner is a mechanical system, and like any mechanical system, can run into operational problems. Often, these problems start out pretty small. However, they wind up overlooked and are given the opportunity to get worse.  That’s where homeowners start to run into very frustrating situations. Always act promptly if your AC shows signs of distress.

Recognizing those signs of distress really is not that difficult. You just need to know what to look for. And listen for. And feel for. Okay, maybe it’s a little complicated. But the good news is that our pros have the tips you need to do so successfully! Read on, and let us know what concerns you have. Our technicians will figure out precisely what’s wrong with your system. Once they have, they’ll fix the problem completely.

1. Your Air Conditioner Is Making Strange Sounds

One of the most obvious signs that you need AC repair in Chesterfield, MO, is the development of strange operational sounds. If your AC is making strange new sounds, then it is telling you that something is wrong. Even if the sound isn’t that loud, even if your AC seems to be working as well as usual, new sounds mean new problems. It is always best to play it safe.

This may be a rattling or clanging sound indicating that a component in the system has worked loose. A clicking sound suggesting electrical relay issues. Hissing that could mean duct or even refrigerant leaks. Screeching signaling the need for additional lubrication. It really doesn’t matter what the new sound is, just that it’s new and unfamiliar. That’s reason enough for professional evaluation.

2. Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Well

This is a pretty clear cut sign of trouble, right? Sure, you’ll probably notice quickly if your AC isn’t pumping out cool air the way it usually does. But depending on just how bad the performance is, you may not take action immediately. That’s a big mistake. Even if it just seems like your AC is struggling a little, it may have a serious problem brewing.

Maybe you’ve just got a thermostat issue. Maybe it’s a really dirty air filter inhibiting the cooling process. But you could also be looking at blower fan issues. You could even have a refrigerant leak that is hindering the heat transfer process. If ever there were a ‘better safe than sorry” scenario, this is it.

3. Your Air Conditioner Is Icing Up

You’d be forgiven slightly for not realizing how serious a problem this can be. Yes, your air conditioner is supposed to keep you cool. However, you have to remember that your air conditioner is not a freezer. If there is ice all over it, you’re in trouble.

Again, the extent of the trouble needs to be determined. Decreased airflow due to a very dirty filter could cause icing. But so can a refrigerant leak. So dial our number for a proper diagnosis and expert repairs.

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