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3 Reasons to Choose a Ductless Mini Split

We know that investing in a new HVAC system may not be the most exciting way in which to spend your money. But if you value your comfort, you know just how important an investment this type of system is. And, you know that you want to make the right investment from the get-go. An HVAC system is not something that you want to feel buyer’s remorse about. This is a pretty substantial investment for most homeowners.

So, you need to know that you’ve weighed your options carefully and that you’ve chosen your system wisely. One type of system that we strongly encourage homeowners to consider is the ductless mini split. If you’re not familiar with ductless mini splits, then you definitely need to read this post before you choose your new system. You may just find that a ductless mini split in Chesterfield, MO, is exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

1. The Convenience Factor

There are a few different ways in which ductless mini splits excel in terms of convenience. One is the system design itself. Because no centralized system of air ducts is needed with a ductless mini split, they can be installed in homes without existing ductwork. This beats the alternative of tearing up the house to install those ducts, or making do with window unit air conditioners.

There is also the fact the ductless mini splits are heat pumps, which in turn means that they can both heat and cool homes. So, when you invest in a ductless mini split, you’re investing in year-round comfort. You only need one system to live comfortably, be it winter or summer.

2. The Efficiency Factor

Energy efficiency is a major priority for most homeowners. If you want to heat and cool your home efficiently, it is pretty tough to argue against a ductless mini split. Ductless mini splits don’t experience any duct leakage, because they don’t have any air ducts. It’s just that simple. There is no risk of heat loss or heat gain due to poorly insulated ducts, either.

Additionally, ductless mini splits don’t use a bunch of energy to generate new heat when in their heating mode. Instead, they transfer existing heat into the house from the air outside. Basically, working as an air conditioner in reverse. This is a far more efficient method of heating than burning fuel or using electric resistance to create new heat.

3. The Comfort Factor

While heating and air conditioning systems can typically be set up with a zone control system, it is not a native feature to most. It is with a ductless mini split system, though. Because each individual blower unit in the system is controlled independently of the others, using its own thermostat, it is simple to maintain different temperatures in different areas of the house.

That means that you can actually live more comfortably while paying less for that comfort. If you ask us, that’s a pretty much a best case scenario.

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