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Why Install Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning in Your Home?

Ductless Heating

You have many options when it comes to heating and cooling your Ladue, MO, home. But most HVAC systems that you’ll consider only perform one function. They either cool your home in the summer or heat it in the winter; they don’t do both. Ductless HVAC systems break this rule by offering heating and cooling capabilities in one package. Read on to learn why you should consider installing ductless heating and air conditioning.

Single-Zone Ductless Installations

Ductless HVAC systems, also known as mini-splits, install in various residential and commercial settings. In most cases, home and business owners opt for a single-zone ductless installation. What this involves is the installation of a single mini-split in an area like a new home addition, converted garage, small retail store or office space.

Installing a single mini-split takes as little as a few hours. You simply mount the indoor air handler on the wall and connect it to the outdoor compressor through a small hole. A single-zone ductless installation is easy and provides energy-efficient heating and cooling when you need it right away. There are plenty of design options available.

Multi-Zone Ductless Installations

Multi-zone ductless installations are for residents and business owners with large properties. With a multi-zone ductless installation, you can split your house into several climate control zones. Each has an indoor air handler with a thermostat and remote.

Splitting your home this way allows you to save more energy and gives everyone in your household the opportunity to customize their comfort. For example, you can keep the master bedroom cooler in the summer without cooling the entire house to achieve that. Or you can heat the living room into the winter without heating the bedrooms upstairs.

Avoid the Additional Duct Expenses

There are many expenses that come with owning and operating an HVAC system that contains ductwork. Firstly, if you’re building a new home addition and want to heat and cool it, you’ll have to pay to extend your central HVAC system’s ductwork if you don’t install a ductless mini-split instead. Depending on your home’s layout, this can be expensive.

Ducts require regular upkeep to function as they should to help your home maintain a high level of energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Sealing, repairing, cleaning and replacing the ducts is expensive. With a ductless HVAC setup, you avoid that expense. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about loud noises coming from the ductwork.

Better for the Environment

Rather than using R-22 refrigerant, today’s ductless HVAC systems feature R-41, which is much better for the environment. A ducted HVAC system loses an estimated 20% of conditioned air via leaky ductwork. That not only increases your energy consumption, but it also harms the environment via waste. Ductless HVAC systems help you become an eco-friendlier homeowner without compromising comfort. They lower your energy consumption, helping you save money on heating and cooling your indoor space.

Do you want to upgrade your residential and commercial HVAC system? Don’t settle for shoddy workmanship from an inexperienced company. Put your faith in the team Fresh Air Heating & Cooling. We’re experts when it comes to ductless installations, repairs and maintenance. We can help you select a ductless mini-split that matches your home’s comfort needs and aesthetic. To learn more, contact us today. We look forward to taking your home comfort to the next level and helping you save money in the process.

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