7 Tips for Reducing Your Cooling Bill This Summer in Chesterfield, MO

June 23, 2022

Chesterfield, MO, residents are likely to incur higher cooling costs this summer. However, it’s possible to keep your home cool and comfortable and save on utility bills at the same time. Read on to learn seven tips for reducing your cooling bill this summer.

Upgrade Your AC System

Upgrading your old AC system can significantly reduce your cooling bill during summer. That’s because newer AC models are more efficient and consume less energy when cooling your home. Ensure that you buy an ENERGY STAR-certified air conditioning system with a high SEER rating.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

During the summer, you might find yourself running the air conditioner throughout the day to avoid coming home to a sweltering space. However, cooling an empty house will increase your utility bills.

A programmable thermostat can help you reduce these costs by adjusting the indoor temperatures depending on the settings, your schedule and time of the day. For example, this device can cool the house right before you arrive home from work or vacation. Additionally, you can adjust the smart thermostat’s settings remotely using your smartphone or laptop.

Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Servicing your air conditioner regularly prevents frequent breakdowns and enables the system to function at maximum efficiency. Our service technicians can perform maintenance for you. They can inspect the AC system to identify the components that need urgent repair or replacement.

Shade your Home

When you shade your Chesterfield, MO, home, you’ll reduce the work that the AC system needs to do to lower indoor temperatures. Therefore, consider planting trees in your yard, especially on the side that receives direct sunlight in the afternoons and evenings. Planting trees near the exterior AC system also increases its efficiency.

Alternatively, you can add blinds or black-out shades to block the sunlight that comes through the windows. Light-colored blinds are better because they reflect more heat and reduce the temperatures in your house. The two processes combined will ensure that your home remains cool during the hot months.

Keep the Doors and Windows Closed

Uncontrolled movement of heat in and out of your home during summer causes energy waste and high cooling costs. For this reason, homeowners in Chesterfield, MO, should consider closing their doors and windows while the air conditioner is running.

Also, cover the windows with curtains and blinds. Alternatively, you can apply window tinting on the windows facing the south and west directions.

This strategy will prevent hot air from coming in and restrict cool air from leaving your house. It’ll also reduce the work the AC system does to cool the indoor air, hence reducing your cooling bill.

Install Ceiling Fans

You should consider investing in ceiling fans this summer if you don’t have them already. These appliances circulate cool air around the house and relieve the AC system of the burden of regulating indoor temperatures alone.

The wind-chill effect will also make your home feel more comfortable without running the AC system all the time. Ensure that the fan rotates counterclockwise. This motion helps hot air to rise higher into the atmosphere and cool air to flow downward.

Insulate Your Home

Besides windows, walls and attics also leak air and increase energy consumption during summer. You can increase your house’s energy efficiency and reduce the cooling bill through home insulation.

The insulation will slow the flow of heat from one room to the other and keep indoor temperatures consistent. It’ll also reduce the extremes in temperature adjustment in your home. In turn, you won’t need to cool your home rapidly or as often.

In summary, the soaring temperatures and high humidity during summer can increase your cooling bill. However, implementing the above proactive measures can help you cool your house more economically during this season. Contact Fresh Air Heating & Cooling today for reliable AC replacement services and more.

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