5 HVAC Myths You May Believe in Defiance, MO

August 23, 2021

Many people in Defiance, MO, have their own beliefs on what they should and shouldn’t do with their HVAC systems. However, there are several myths when it comes to heating and cooling, and we’re here to bust them.

Myth 1: Not Touching the Thermostat Will Save Energy

Some people believe that changing a home’s temperature throughout the day will use up extra electricity. It makes sense to think that by leaving the thermostat set to one steady temperature all day and night, you’re creating less work for your HVAC system because it takes energy to heat a room once it falls cold again and vice versa.

This isn’t true, though, because it actually takes more energy to maintain one steady temperature. During summer nights, you can turn the HVAC system down or even off to conserve energy, whereas leaving it set to the same temperature as the daytime will take make your unit run longer.

You can also use a device like a smart thermostat to regulate your home’s temperature and conserve energy while doing so. Smart thermostats make use of your home’s Wi-Fi, so you can turn your home’s AC system on and off while you’re away, too.

Myth 2: Duct Tape Can Seal Air Ducts

Despite the name, duct tape isn’t effective in sealing possible leaks in air ducts. Tape can lose its stickiness quickly and is difficult to keep attached to air ducts. The best way to fix an air duct leak is by calling a professional to seal it properly.

Myth 3: Windows Lose the Most Hot/Cool Air in the House

Windows can lose a lot of hot and cool air from inside a home if they’re not sealed well. However, they’re not the top reason for loss of cold air inside on hot summer days.

Heating and cooling loss in most homes comes from improperly insulated roofs. Hot air rises, so air can leak from under the roof at the top of the house. This is especially the case in the wintertime. To get ready for winter weather, it’s a good idea to check your roof insulation now and hire some help to patch any leaking spots.

Myth 4: Bigger Air Conditioners Cool Better

Another common myth is that the larger an air conditioner’s condenser, the better it’ll be at cooling. Although this may be true for larger homes and buildings, it doesn’t apply to most regular-sized homes.

Air conditioners must have the size to match the space they cool. If an air conditioner is too small, it won’t be able to cool the whole space. An air conditioner that’s too big won’t cool a house’s space well. That’s because it’ll cool the space too quickly and shut off, creating a period where the house may feel too cold followed by a lengthy period of warming up again.

Myth 5: Ceiling Fans Can Cool Rooms

Although turning on a ceiling fan can make a room feel much cooler, the truth is it doesn’t actually lower the temperature of the room. The breeze of a fan just adds a wind-chill effect, much like the wind on a hot summer day.

Some people think that turning a fan on will keep a room cool while they’re gone, and then they also turn the air conditioning off because they think the fan has it covered. However, since the fan doesn’t actually lower a room’s temperature, this isn’t always a good idea, especially when you leave pets home alone. To really keep your home cool in the summer, it’s best to leave the air conditioning on and just use ceiling fans to supplement the cool air.

Some beliefs about heating and cooling may be myths, and it’s important to know the facts so that you can make informed decisions about HVAC repairs. Next time you need an air conditioner repair, contact us at Fresh Air Heating & Cooling for help.

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