How to Choose a New Home Heating System in Brentwood, MO

October 19, 2021

Now that it’s fall in Brentwood, MO, you can probably see the signs of a cold winter ahead. During this kind of weather, it’s essential to heat your home to remain comfortable. Here are some tips to help you pick a new home heating system:

Consider the Types Available

The market has variant options for a central heating. Before getting into the market, do some research first. Your heating needs differ from someone else’s, so you may need a different heating system from them. Read on to learn the pros and cons of common types of heating systems.


Have you heard of the warm air distribution system – a furnace. With a fan to propel its warm air forward and distribute it into your home through a duct system, a furnace is a popular choice for heating homes in the United States.

A furnace uses gas or oil for heating and consists of a heat exchanger, gas valve, ductwork and burners. What makes furnaces a highly sought-after heating option is their efficiency and durability. However, you may need to schedule routine fuel refills and watch out for carbon monoxide emissions.

Furnaces are also available in different types depending on the fuel that powers them. Modulating furnaces are the most efficient and costly option, and they grant you more control over gas and heating regulation.


Another common heating choice in the country is a boiler. Boilers heat your home in two ways: either with hot water distributed through radiant heating systems or with steam that heats different areas of your home with radiators.

When going for a boiler, pick the most energy-efficient brand. Boilers may require constant pressure monitoring, and they limit your control over adjusting indoor temperatures. They allow for zone heating, though.


However efficient furnaces are, one loophole may lie in their ductwork, which is susceptible to heat loss through leaks or faulty installation. With a ductless system, you heat all areas of your home without the need for ducts and vents.

A ductless system design features multiple units for each space in your home. Not only are they easy to install, but these handlers also allow for zone heating.

With zoned heating, you can heat different areas in your home separately. Consequently, you save on the energy required to heat your home by only heating occupied rooms.

The perks of having the innovative ductless system mean that this is a more pricey choice. However, it may be worth it for its efficiency and flexibility.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer another alternative for heating your home. Though expensive to install, heat pumps are still a cost-effective way to provide heat.

Their use of electricity in heating your home makes heat pumps an energy-efficient and eco-friendly choice. You can choose between air-source heat pumps, which move heat between the indoor and outdoor air, and ground-source or geothermal versions that transfer heat between the air inside a home and the ground outside.


The cold and snowy conditions vary depending on where you live. Harsh conditions and poor insulation may demand more powerful heating options. Therefore, talk to your heating professional about your climate and pick the right system for your home.

Size of Your Home

To efficiently and evenly heat a large home, you may need to purchase a more potent heating option. Remember that the size of your HVAC system also plays a key role in the efficiency of your heating system. You need a professional to calculate the square footage you’ll be heating to get the right fit.


The most cost-friendly heating alternative is not necessarily the cheapest to purchase. When considering your budget, think about long-term use and its expenses.

A system using a heat pump is expensive but can save you more long-term. The most important expenses to consider are purchase and installation, maintenance and operating as well as likely energy bills.

Fresh Air Heating & Cooling has a readily available and equipped team of HVAC service technicians for all your heating replacement services. We’re help you pick a new heating system that’s matches your home’s comfort needs precisely.

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